Fantasy Fateball

Ever wish there was a Magic 8Ball for Fantasy Football? Well now there is!!! Just ask the Fantasy Fateball a yes/ no question about the player in question and get an answer immediately! Need help in the draft? Ask the Fantasy Fateball. Have a tough flex decision on your hands? Ask the Fantasy Fateball…

-Fantasy Owner: “Miles Austin is questionable this week. Should I play him?”

-Fantasy Fateball: “Sit ‘em”

-Fantasy Owner: “I’ve got RG3 but should I play Nick Foles this week instead?”

-Fantasy Fateball: “Stone cold lock”

-Fantasy Owner: “What do you think about CJ Spiller this season?”

-Fantasy Fateball: “Don’t Waste My Time”



Is the Fantasy Fateball for me? Well, was your fantasy team a comical assemblage of poor draft decisions and weekly waiver wire pickups gone wrong? Were you let down by injury, excessive hype or worse, beaten by the novice in your league? Let the Fantasy Fateball make those tough decisions for you.